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Layout Design

A professionally designed website speaks volumes about your business. It will increase your visibility while demonstrating your integrity and credibility in a highly competitive market.

Layout design involves the overall look of your website: the aesthetics, ease of navigation, how the content is displayed and how easy it is to read, to create an overall positive user experience.

Designing the layout of a website or application is crucial to create a seamless user experience. The layout should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, guiding the user to where they need to go.



Flat and Minimalist Design

Clean, clear simplicity - less is more.
There was a time when websites were chock-a-block full of elaborate, flashy graphics, complex animations and a kaleidoscope of colours; anything that could grad attention and ‘Wow’ visitors. The problem with over-packing your website is that it distracts customers and takes their eye away from the main goal: your business.

If it’s not relevant to your business, it shouldn’t be on your website.

The concept of flat design is clean, clear simplicity: less is more, minimalistic approach to website design. It’s getting rid of unnecessary clutter and creating a beautiful, clear and spacious layout that focuses on relevant information that is pleasing to the eye rather than a confusing blast of special effects. A clever use of colours and typeface should enhance user experience rather than causing distractions.

Adhering to flat design principles, that is two-dimensional colours & simple colours so create feeling of minimalism which is very sought after and highly recommended in this day and age of modern web design.

Keeping the design simple, with flat and minimalist elements, can make the layout look clean and modern. This approach also helps the user focus on the content and calls to action without distractions. Using white space effectively can also contribute to a flat and minimalist design and make the layout feel spacious.

User Experience Design

UX design is all about the customer and their wants and needs. A successful website goes beyond the aesthetics. It should be designed to evoke a positive reaction from visitors, awaking their emotions and giving them a pleasant and valuable experience. Your website doesn’t just need to attract visitors; it also needs to engage them, benefit them and leave them feeling satisfied.

The user should be at the centre of the design process. Understanding the user's needs and goals is crucial to create a layout that is easy to use and intuitive. The layout should guide the user to where they need to go, making it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Elements such as clear headings, contrasting colours, and visual cues can help improve the user experience.

User Experience Design involves gathering, studying and analysing information based on real customers to create the right website for the right audience.

The process involves three phases:

  • Researching
  • Testing
  • Developing

By working closely with you to identify and understand your target audience, I’ll combine my UI and UXD skills to create an optimally satisfying user experience.


And Functionality

Your entire website should reflect your company’s ethos and style.

I specialise in creating fresh, clean, aesthetically appealing digital assets and web pages while maintaining the unique character and identity of your online business. User-centred design, with focus on usability and smooth, functional browsing experience.

A great layout design should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. The design should be cohesive and reflect the brand's personality and values. The functionality should be seamless, allowing the user to complete tasks effortlessly. Considering how the design will look on different devices and screen sizes, and making sure it is responsive is of utmost importance.

Achieving greatness in layout design requires careful consideration of flat and minimalist design, user experience design, and aesthetics and functionality. By focusing on these elements, you can create a layout that is visually appealing and easy to use, providing a seamless experience for the user.

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