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Website Redesign

Your website is your most valuable marketing tool, so you can’t afford for it to stay static. Internet is constantly evolving and your website needs to change with it.

There are many reasons you may need a website re-design:

  • You’re not getting enough traffic
  • You’re not achieving your desired outcomes
  • You need a better understanding of your customers’ wants and needs
  • Your brand is tired and has lost its relevance

Re-designing your website will identify your strengths and weaknesses while discovering new opportunities for growth.

Initiatives include:

  • Responsive web design
  • Creating social media functions
  • New features and tools that work seamlessly with the existing site
  • Re-branding

Digital Design

Better design means giving users an optimal digital experience that’s clear, concise, efficient and appealing. Innovative digital design requires skills and expertise in design principles and the latest software technology to co-ordinate and streamline the entire design process. I offer a complete digital design solution to provide consistency across all platforms.

Design Preferences

The prime objective of any business should focus on the needs and wants of the customer. However, many business owners lose their objectivity and allow personal preferences to interfere with the main goal and hinder an effective marketing strategy. No one knows your business like you do.

But a designer knows the best use of marketing strategies. Working together will ensure that you’ll never lose sight of the end goal.

  • A variety of payment gateways
  • Shipping tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Secure check-out
  • Simple invoicing
  • Easy stock management
  • Product reviews and ratings

Corporate Identity

Having a competitive edge means more than just attracting customers; it means successfully maintaining customer loyalty. For that you need a strong corporate identity that instantly says who you are. Your brand should reflect your company’s ethos, culture, character and personality. It should be easily recognisable and memorable.

Creating a bespoke brand identity is essential; no matter how large or small your business. A clear, concise branding strategy will help set you apart from your rivals and give you that all important competitive edge.

A strong brand identity means consistency, integrity, security, reliability. It means you’re here to stay. I’ll work closely with you to get a clear idea of your objectives: from the initial brief to the design and development of a unique and valuable brand identity that symbolises the essence of your business.

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