Responsive Web Design

Responsive Frameworks

The framework is the scaffolding that holds your website together. Building a website begins with a grid-based layout. For businesses that want quality design but have a limited budget, a responsive framework can save time and money.

Responsive frameworks are created with a standardised code that can be easily maintained and adjusted, so when you need to re-design your website, there’s no need for your designer to build everything from scratch.

Responsive frameworks are easy to test, need minimal debugging and files can be customised so that you only use what you need. CSS can also be customised to give your website a unique look that’s aesthetically appealing and works well across all modern devices.


Google Approved

Did you know your website’s mobile presence is used in Google rankings? A good mobile presence and consistent user experience increases your visibility so your website will show up on search results before those that aren’t adapted for device optimisation. That puts you a step ahead of the competition.
To make it easier for Google algorithms to find and index your content, Google recommends:

  • Using the same set of URLs
  • Serving the same HTML on all devices
  • Configuring the look to suit all devices using only CSS

Friendly Websites

The highest percentage of searches come from mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly you’ll be losing out on customers and sales. I’ll optimise your website so that it’s Google friendly and easy and practical to use on all devices:

  1. Web pages are automatically altered to fit the device, creating a far more enjoyable user experience
  2. Readable, clear text with no need to zoom
  3. No need for horizontal scrolling
  4. Enough space to easily click links and CTA buttons
  5. Reasonable loading times

Responsive Experience

Responsive web design will enable you to reach out to a larger audience. Accessibility, functionality and ease of use are necessary for an optimised browsing experience that looks great on all devices. By using one, single URL users will find it easier to interact, share and link. For your business that means higher leads, sales and conversions.

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