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I'm a London based, freelance web desinger with over 8 years experience in the web development field. The majority of web design companies and freelancers come from a graphic design background and have limited knowledge and experience of goal oriented and user centered web strategies. The end result is usually a site that may look nice, but doesn’t fulfill the objectives of the business or provide a decent ROI.

Through a conscious effort of understanding business needs I have helped to identify and penetrate new markets worldwide for many clients, increase return on web site investment and manage measurable results for your website. My aim is to reduce your overheads and increase your bottom line with my integrated web design and marketing services.

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Having spent last 8 years as in various digital marketing related roles in leading agencies,
I developed my own methodology towards website production process therefore I am a full-fledged designer and always up-to-date with current trends in web design game.

Responsive websites are all the rage now. Consumers engage with websites on increasing number of devices including mobiletablets,
TVs and desktop devices. This feature is good to have these days, some developers advocate it's a must-have and I totally agree.

Whether it's MagentoZenCart or OsCommerce, I got it covered. I work closely with multiple developers that are expert at developing Ecommerce websites. Whether you're looking to build a simple online store or huge, custom-made shop that integrates seamlessly with eBay or Amazon, let's talk.

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Graphic / UX Design
Web Development
Responsive Web Design
Ecommerce Websites

A website is a long-term investment, so focusing on quality design and visuals, user experience and giving visitors what they're looking for is essential. I design user-friendly, high-impact and memorable websites that secure attention in a matter of 5 seconds and have clear 'call to action' to channel your potential clients to a desired goal. Through professionally looking branding and digital design I am able to create the right solution to any business either online or offline.

  • Static websites (HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery)
  • CMS (content management system) driven sites like Wordpress, Joomla or Umbraco 
  • Ecommerce sites based on Magento, Prestashop, OsCommerce, Shopify

Skeleton and Bootstrap (built by Twitter) along with Pure are my favourite responsive frameworks.

With over eight years experience in designing and developing websites to a range of businesses nationwide. I am vastly experienced in creating all types of websites at all stages - from conceptwireframingdesign, developmentdeployment and maintenance.

you can view my professional Web Design portfolio

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